God is Good - A Devotional on the Goodness of God

By Jeff Dalton
With government bailing out only the rich, with employers cutting back on paychecks and even laying off their workers, with mortgage lenders taking a "so what" attitude towards people loosing their homes; one can feel like everyone is against them. With the loneliness comes a daunting question of "is God really good?"
Whenever we talk about God's goodness we usually talk about what God can give us. If we only talk about what God can give us, then we have only scratched the surface of who God is. Please don't misunderstand, God does give good gifts to those who He loves and love Him in return. James 1:16-17 When we ask God for things He always gives us what is best instead of merely what is better. Luke 11:11-13
God is good because He desires to be involved in every aspect of your life. Think of it, the Creator of the universe, Almighty God wants to be involved in your life. Not involved in a distant way like a distant relative. Instead wants to be involved in a very deep and close way and in every aspect of your life.
God wants you to lift up and commit your plans, your agendas, and your dreams to Him so He can make them succeed. Proverbs 16:3
God is also near when you are going through a difficult time. Matter of fact, He is a little closer to those who are going through a storm, then those who are not. Psalm 34:18
When you are praying, crying out to God the Holy Spirit is also crying out to God on your behalf. Romans 8:26-27 Talk about having an awesome prayer partner! In the midst when nothing seems to be going right, when all hope seems to vanish and the light is about to go out. Suddenly, in the darkest part God arises from His throne and steps out of the heavenlies and into your situation, into your home, into you life; and at that point things start to happen. When God starts to walk beside you then the waters of worry no longer sweep over you. When God is beside you the fire of pain no longer burns you. Isaiah 43:2 When God is involved in your life you become an over comer, a more than a conquer. Romans 8:37 When God is holding you the light brightens, hope is rekindled and before you know it, you have made it through the storm and find yourself on the other side. When God brings you out of a storm you find that you have become better, more mature and stronger. James 1:16-17
Finally, God has given us the greatest gift, salvation. With salvation you can rest assured that this is not it. What you see around you is not your final destination. There awaits you a better place, a permanent place. What awaits you is a place where struggle no longer exists, sickness is wiped out, death is finally defeated, and mourning has ceased. In Heaven you will feel and witness God's presence on a continual basis without interruption. Revelation 21:1-5
Let me remind you to today to invite God into your life and into your struggles. He is waiting to walk with you and carry you through the storm. Plus commit your plans, agendas, and dreams to Him and let Him be involved in them. Get into His Word and listen for His voice to speak to you. In short, let God show you just how good He is and how good He wants to be towards you.
When you spend time with God feel free to check out these verses that go along with this devotion: James 1:2-5; Luke 11:11-13; Proverbs 16:3; Psalm 34:18; Romans 8:26-28; Isaiah 43:2; James 1:16-17; Palms 73:23-28; Revelation 21:1-5.

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Unknown said...

Life feels out, can not stand to live is in constant pain due to an accident about 12 years ago. plus my wife has lost all desire for any form of sensual pleasure and we have no normal life together since 5 years. My testicles hurt and my soul cries out for getting fondling a woman and experiencing normat intimacy. Life feels out do not want to wake up in the morning. Missing so my wife from the past when we lived as man and woman in a married couple. Why should I become. Why should you have to be when you're feeling exhausted, is a cripple living on sick pay then 12 years just a load for the community ....

Unknown said...

All I can say is, God is Good all the time. :)

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