Be Like Jesus

by Bethany Chastain

Standing out in this world isn't necessarily difficult. If you, juggle oranges in the grocery store, or simply scream "Ice Cream Sundays!" at the top of your lungs in a public place, you'll get noticed. Being noticed in a crowd isn't hard, especially if you're slightly crazy. But what about the people who need to stand out in the crowd? They don't seem to even bother.

Christians generally don't want to get noticed in a crowd. The wolves no longer have to dress like sheep. Now the sheep are bringing themselves to the slaughter and dressing like wolves.

Why are they doing this? Well, I think I know. The last time I wore a Jesus t-shirt on the subway, I got quite a few odd looks. Apparently Jesus just isn't in style anymore. Not wanting to be stuck with a label of any kind, Christians today hide and hope to never be called out regarding their faith.
You know what - that's just wrong. Jesus didn't hide away from the world and pretend to be just like them. So it's time to get out from under the covers and start getting noticed. Wear your cross necklace proudly when you go to work, put that purity ring on your finger and don't be shy about abstinence, and when someone brings up their life, talk about the life you were given... a life that lasts for eternity.
The idea is to walk, talk, act, and live like Jesus was right there with you. Don't be ashamed of purity, virtue, and faithfulness. But don't try to cram your faith down someone's throat either. Standing out doesn't mean walking up to each person at your school and telling them they're going to hell. Standing out doesn't mean acting "holier than thou" with everyone you meet until they don't want anything to do with you. If you really want to stand out, then behave like Christ.
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, grace, mercy, personal sacrifice, and self control were just some of the characteristics He modeled for us. When there was a truth to teach, He would stand out in the crowd and teach it regardless of the consequences. But He also was gentle and kind. People came to Him and wanted to know what was different and how they could have a taste of it. With a simple walk of faith, Jesus changed the world. And that is how we should be.
So dust off your religious t-shirts and stop hiding your faith. Living our calling is more important than gold, riches, popularity, friends, and everything else put together. By living unashamed, we can show our faith and become more like Christ. And believe me - if you do that, you'll stand out all right. And who knows. Maybe your life can change the lives of others for the better.



beautylove06 said...

I love this...thanks for sharing! :) #Peace&Blessings...

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