God's Word: Forever Established And Settled

By Vitus Ejiogu
The value of a man's word depends upon what you know about him. If a man promises to give you half of all he has, it greatly matters who he is and the ability has to fulfill those promises. The Bible tells us that God never reneges on His promises, and when He promises a thing, He goes ahead to fulfill it (Isaiah 55:8-11; 43:13; Matthew 24:35). The Word of God is hidden to many people today because of the quest for human wisdom and logic. Human wisdom, worldliness and unbelief have made the power hidden in the Word of God to be as if there is nothing in it (Hebrews 3:16-19; 4:1-6). It should be noted that because the action of God's Word begins in the mind, many people fail to observe and to believe it.

Nevertheless, it is true that anyone has the right to believe or not believe in the power of God's Word, but the fact remains that the Word of God has power to illuminate our darkness and remove the lukewarm tendencies in us. It brings the understanding of God, source of love and knowledge of Him. The Word of God can also fill us with courage to conquer, cleanse us, sanctify us, and purify us.

The truth of God's Word is not in contention because God has established (or settled) His Word in heaven and made it stand firm (Psalm 119:89). When we align ourselves with the Word of God, our own words receive the power they need to limit Satan's ability. Satan knows that we can have what we say and so tries to tempt us into saying and believing contrary things about God's Word. When we act contrary to God's Word, our words give Satan free reign. Let me quickly remind you here that you are the "establishing witness", and so whatever you say as a child of God (a Christian), will come to pass.

In the book of John 10:10, the Bible tells us that the purpose of Satan is to kill and destroy, and so he uses pain and other physical symptoms and circumstances to hinder God's children from speaking God's Word in faith. When you fail to align your speech with God's Word, you make yourself prone to Satan's manipulations.

Jesus, in His own time, experienced positive results, because He only spoke the Word of God. God expects you to also align your speech with His Word. This means that you should always examine your words diligently so that you won't give the Devil authority in your life. Do not forget that Words which are spoken contrary to God's Word can hinder His ability to "raise you" out of your circumstance (James 5:15).

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